Arykanda Ancient City is located on the Finike Elmalı Highway within the borders of Arif Village. It is 30 km Finike.

The ancient city, whose excavation, maintenance and cleaning works continue today, was built on terraces in layers. It takes about 1 hour to visit the whole Arykanda Ancient City. It is one of the important ancient cities in the Antalya region that must be visited.

The name of Arykanda Ancient City is "Ary-ka-wanda" in Lycian language, meaning "the place next to a high rock". The fact that the name of the city reflects the native Anatolian language in terms of philology shows that it is one of the oldest cities in the region.

The history of the city BC. 5th century is thought to be based.

Distance (Estimated Time): 150km (2hr 30min)


Its old name is Phoenicus, by the Phoenicians BC. It was founded in the 500s as a port city. B.C. It has been proven as a result of archaeological researches that it has existed for a thousand years.

Finike, with its world-famous orange, nature and history, is one of the lesser known districts of Antalya...

According to a study conducted by the University of California, it has been determined that the Finike orange is of higher quality than the California orange, which is known as the most delicious orange in the world.

You will eat plenty of seedless, juicy and sweet oranges on your trip in Finike, which is far the noise and gives peace to people with its orange groves, clean beach and turquoise coves.

Distance (Estimated Time): 122km (2hr 5min)

GelIdonya LIghthouse

One of Turkey's most beautiful walking routes: Gelidonya Lighthouse Located on the Historical Lycian Way, Gelidonya Lighthouse has the distinction of being the highest lighthouse on the Turkish coast.

Located between the pine and sage-scented forest of the Mediterranean and the deep blue waters, Gelidonya Lighthouse is described as one of the most impressive areas of the region with its view.

Distance (Estimated Time): 115km (2hr 30min)


The ancient city of Limyra, located within the borders of Turunçova and Sahilkent Towns, covers the southern skirts of Toçak Mountain, the acropolis where the early period structures are located, and the area within the Roman and Byzantine Age walls on the plain just south of it, now separated by the road. Limyra's name is referred to as "Zemuri" in Lycian inscriptions. This is proof that the city has been inhabited since at least the 5th century BC. The most active period of the city was the time of the Lycian King Perikle in the first half of the 4th century BC, during which Limyra was the capital of Lycia.

Limyra is one of the cities with the most rock tombs in the Lycian Region. There are more than four hundred rock tombs in the ancient city and most of the tombs are known by name with their inscriptions written in Lycian language.

Distance (Estimated Time): 121km (2hr 10min)

Myra Demre

Myra, where St. Nicholaos was a bishop and therefore famous throughout the Middle Ages, is an important Lycian city and its name means "the place of the Supreme Mother Goddess". Myra, known as "Myrrh" in the Lycian language, was built on the sea-facing slope of the mountains that surround the Demre plain the northwest.

The city, which was established on the hill above the present-day rock tombs, later expanded by descending and became one of the six very important big cities of Lycia. BC of the city IV. There is a relief of the mother goddess on the first coin minted in the 16th century.

Ancient sources BC. Although they have been talking about Myra since the 1st century, it is clear the rock tombs and the coins they minted that the city dates back to at least BC. It is understood to have existed in the 5th century.

Distance (Estimated Time): 154km (2hr 45min)


Olympos Ancient City, located within the borders of Olympos National Park in Antalya's Kumluca district, is known as the City of Gods. In the ancient city, which is located in a pine forest, you can find yourself swimming in turquoise waters while smelling the history. Olympos was founded by the Seleucids in the 2nd century BC. The exact date of its foundation is unknown, but its name is mentioned on the Lycian Union coins minted in 167-168 BC.

Most of the remnants of the ancient city of Olympos belong to the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods. Located in the forest, the ancient city is a uniquely beautiful place where you can both smell the history and swim in the turquoise waters. Akçay (Olympos Stream) flows through the city. On the south side of Olympos Stream, there is the Southern Necropolis, the Alkeltis Sarcophagus, the city walls, the theater and the bath. On the north side, there is the Northern Necropolis, Roman temple, monumental tomb, mosaic structure, port monumental tombs, captain Eudomos sarcophagus and Genoese castle. The Ancient City of Olympos is a natural and historical wonder that every visitor to Antalya should see, even if it is for a day.

Distance (Estimated Time): 97km (1hr 50min)

Church of St. Nicholas

There lived a poor man and his three daughters in a village in Demre. In those days, the bigger the dowry of a young girl, the greater the chance of marriage. If they had no dowry, the girls were given as slaves. Since this poor man's daughters have no dowry, they are about to be sold as slaves. One day, three bags of gold are thrown the window of this poor man's house. These bags fall next to the shoes placed in front of the stove to dry. It turns out that these bags of gold were thrown by St. Nicholas. This has now become a tradition that children follow as they long for gifts St. Nicholas, or Santa Claus.

WORK. St. Nicholas, who was born in Patara near Fethiye in 245, died in İ.S. He is a saint who lived in Anatolia until 326. St. Nicholas, who created a bond of love around him with his help, has been kept alive and legendary as Santa Claus as the protector of sailors and children. After he died, he was buried in Demre and a church was built in his name.

Distance (Estimated Time): 155km (2hr 45min)


Phaselis, the famous port city of the Ancient Age, BC. It was founded by Rhodesian colonists under the leadership of Lakios in the 7th century. A century after its establishment, the ancient settlement, which, like all Anatolian cities, came under Persian domination, was a member of the Delos Sea Union for a while. He surrendered to Alexander the Great in 333.

The ports in the ancient city are called the northern, central and southern ports. The city, which has been exposed to pirate attacks throughout its history due to the wealth of its 3 ports, was built by M.S. It was captured by the Roman Empire in the 2nd century and joined the Lycian League immediately after.

The ancient settlement, which the emperors visited and honored when it was under Roman rule, took the title of episcopacy center during the Byzantine period.

Distance (Estimated Time): 70km (1hr 15min)


They made a corner of heaven, they named it Adrasan.

Adrasan (Çavuşköy) is a magnificent bay surrounded by pine trees. It has extremely interesting natural beauties with its sea, sand and forests.

At the foot of Mount Musa, Sazak Bay, a hidden paradise, is back to back with Genoese Bay, hidden behind a steep slope. Together with the Liar Bay that accompanies them, they form a magnificent trio. In the wide forest area behind the bay, there is a forest road that extends to Adrasan. Transportation is mostly provided by boats. While swimming in the bay, sea turtles and various fish accompany you. Do not forget to take sea goggles, snorkels and fins, if any, on these trips.

Distance (Estimated Time): 107km (1hr 50min)


Suluada, known as "Turkey's Maldives", is a Mediterranean island located in Adrasan. It is approximately 7 kilometers Cape Gelidonya, the westernmost tip of the Antalya Bay. It has the most beautiful turquoise waters you can see in the Mediterranean. A region rich in biodiversity and home to many creatures, its water has been believed to be medicinal throughout history. The secret of its popularity lies in the color of sea water and sand, and the island can only be reached by sea.

Distance (Estimated Time): 120km (2hr 20min)

AksekI Cove

Akseki Bay is the widest bay with a face measurement close to Adrasan. When you look the sea side, the right side of the bay is surrounded by low cliffs and the left side by high cliffs. It got its name the steep-sided cliffs that seem to have been cut with a hard tool like a white knife. It has a magnificent beach with wonderful fine sand that is not found in the vicinity.

It is completely surrounded by red pine trees. It is known ancient times that fine sea sand beautifies the skin with its peeling effect. The bay, which always has a sea like a sheet, is a magnificent bay with a beauty like poetry.

It is located between Olympos and Adrasan on the Mediterranean coastline and is among the closest coves to Adrasan. It is possible to reach Akseki Bay by boat Adrasan.

Distance (Estimated Time): 108km (2hr)

Genoese Cove

Genoese cove is one of the untouched coves you will see along the Mediterranean coastline. The bay, which impresses with its cleanness and clear waters, is located between Adrasan and Olympos. It is possible to reach the Genoese bay, which does not have land access, by boats departing Adrasan. Rumor has it that it used to be a haven for pirates in the Mediterranean.

Due to the fact that there is almost no unnatural light source around, the bay, where a magnificent star view can be seen at night, gives a different pleasure during the day and at night. Genoese bay boat tour is an experience that you should definitely go out in order to see these beauties with your eyes. It is an unforgettable visual for nature lovers who live life in a pleasant way and those who are friends with nature.

Distance (Estimated Time): 97km (1hr 50min)

PIrate Cove

The name of this bay, which is untouched and almost hidden among the pines, is Korsan. Surrounded by Adrasan on one side, Olympos on one side, and Gelidonya Lighthouse a little above, Korsan Bay is one of the hidden paradises of Antalya. It is a wonderful bay with its nature and the color of the sea.

Distance (Estimated Time): 116km (2hr 10min)


Kale Village was built on the ancient city of Simena. The history of the city the inscriptions found in the BC. IV. We can download up to a century. Simena castle was used in the Middle Ages.

In the inner castle formed by the medieval walls, there was a temple, the ruins of which consisted of a few blocks, and a stoa connected with this temple. In addition, there is a 300-seat theater with 7 rows of seats carved into natural rock in the castle, which is the smallest theater among the Lycian cities.
Above the rock tomb, there is a Roman Period wall consisting of smooth blocks and a late period wall with its battlements.

Distance (Estimated Time): 209km (3hr 40min)